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Run BRZ with only MAP

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Can i tune my BRZ with ecutek to run off just my MAP sensor so i dont need to weld in a MAF sensor flange into my intake tubing for my supercharger. I believe i can with running just speed density, is this ok to do?

You can do it with ECUtek but you will need to retune the engine.

Ok i just wanted to make sure i was able to before i start setting everything up to run SD i just need to turn SD mode on set a fuel and ignition map and then start tuning the ve table to help the AFRs start to line up at first correct?

It could potentially screw a lot of things up. I mean you might be back to square one. Your idle could be jacked, your wide open throttle AFR's bad, your spark timing screwed up, everything. If you're doing this to save the trouble of welding something, let me tell you that retuning the car is a lot more trouble than some welding. I mean if you screw this up you could blow the motor.

However, I don't have any background on the project - is it running now with a MAF sensor and a supercharger or are you doing a full build? Have you tuned it in the past or did somebody else do it? What's the full story here? What parts are you changing and when?

Its a new build car has never been tuned and im building my kit from a buddies old kit. Only had the supercharger and mounting bracket. So did my own intake system instead of spending a fortune from vortech. Car was running completly stock before i started. It is not a street car strictly drift car. So im building my maps from stick and making them super conservative to start off with.

Well if the car is already in the middle of the build, you may want to consider going standalone for something that isn't even a street car. Do you need the car to pass an OBD II inspection in your area?

Supercharged speed density drift car is a lot to ask of a hacked (speed density enabled) stock ECU. It's just drastically different from what the stock ECU was designed to control.

Andre has a lot of experience with this, hopefully he will chime in.

You can run SD everywhere but it makes a lot of work for you, particularly since you can't make live adjustments. My personal suggestion would be to use the hybrid method where the MAF sensor is used for low airflow operation and you can then switch to SD once you get close to exceeding the MAF sensor's flow capability. This gives really nice results and the best of both worlds. It's also much faster to calibrate an engine like this.

If you're using one of the popular supercharger kits then you'll likely still be just fine with the MAF sensor alone and I'd personally go this way. There's no real advantage to SD unless you're getting close to maxing out the MAF sensor. You'll then be able to pretty much follow the worked example from start to finish too.

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