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tuning with ecm titanium and winols

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Hi everyone ! is there anybody here that are used to work with ecm titanium and winols ? why is winols so much powerful in tuning original ecu's ?

if i look at different "tutorials" on how to tune in ecm for example it just looks like they are increesing the bars in the 2d mode.. i want to learn building my own files using winols for example.. do you have any tips or tricks on how to get started with building your own files in winols or ecm titanium ?

do you have any videos or different tips or tricks to really understand what you are doing ? i have watched different tutorials but it just seems to easy so i think i dont get it at all.. if its too good to be true it often is..

whould somebody please explaine what the big changes are and give me a helping hand..

sorry for my english and i hope that you get what im looking for hehe

best regards Leo

Hello ,

Ecm titanium the original good , has developed in Toyota's and Nissan as well .

Winols is different story , it requires alot of learning and time , you have to discover tuning tables and configurations by yourself at the dumb file .

Ecm titanium lack some tables but do the job .

Thanks allot bro

I have never owned Titanium, but ive seen it and used it and find it way down the list of best tools out there.

Winols however is probably the best development software out there but you need a binary allied to an accurate .A2L or .Dam file to give you the CORRECT table locations and names. For example, the ECU I am looking at today has a tad over 110'000 tables and switch points.

Winols will do its best to identlfy a bunch of them for you, but that isnt the softwares strong point. Its true strength lies in its ability to be used with a A2L to give you ALL the calibration access you need to tune it to O.E level. You can buy project files to help with this though. (Look for resellers of OLS files)

Im not sure what videos you have seen that make tuning with Winols look so easy that its too good to be true, but the reality is, operating a laptop "IS" so easy a child can do it. But operating it in a manner that leaves an engine more powerful and still safe requires tuning ability, not just laptop ability, and that of course is very different.

If you have tuning ability, AND the right binary, AND the A2L, AND a registered version of Winols and a way to flash your cal in then yes, you are well underway! But from there you need to learn OEM logic as its a long, long way from the stand alone stuff we all use... stand alone is years behind as you would expect.

I know this is a very old thread, just wanted to include a link to the WinOLS course: https://www.hpacademy.com/courses/winols-mastery-map-identification-and-editing

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