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Uprev, Cannot Scale MAP Sensor

Practical Reflash Tuning

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I am tuning on uprev.

Issue I am having is uprev does not allow for MAP scaling for larger sensors for the cars I tune. It maxes out at ~28psi. I am running around 40 for the power I am making on this platform. I have been able to wire in larger map sensors and get the cars running. But during low vacuum situations such as taking off from a stop, medium throttle application, and going WOT, the car surges, as the scaling is off, obviously. On the race cars, this isn't a big deal, but for not-so-race cars it can be a headache.

Any ideas? I did reach out to uprev about adding map scaling and was told "It will be in the uprev 2 software" so basically they aren't going to add it.

Really could use some help on this. if anyone has any ideas.

Perhaps you need to scale the fuel side by the same about you are scaling the air side. So, if you really have twice as much air for a given reading (ie, 4 bar vs. 2 bar sensor), then you should reduce the injector size (by half), so that it will provide twice as much fuel for a given opening. You could play with injector scaling to bring the Mixture correct for the vacuum areas of the fuel/ve map.

For this particular DI application, there is no injector scaling. I can scale the k value, but, That is how i got the car running right and matching desired AFR. It however, does not help with transient issues. No matter what I do to the k value, it has the same issue.

I think you are the the mercy of upRev.

They have already informed me that they will not be adding map scaling to the current software...but it will be in "uprev 2". So now I need to find a new way to get around the MAP sensor limitations.

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