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Vtec point

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Hi Andre,

You mention that the vtec point change with turbo and supercharger.

What about high profile camshaft. Does it also change the vtec point ?

My engine is VVT with performance camshaft. it's Suzuki engine VVT type.

I retard the camshaft 2 degree by using only EX Pulley.

the peak power changed to higher rpm. but im not sure where the vvt point at now.

i used to feel the kick btw 5000 - 5500 before installing the camshaft and before installing aluminum intake manifold.but after that i can't feel the kick at any rpm point.

also few of my friends who own the same car have told me that they feels the kick btw 5000 - 5500.

My question again:

* What about high profile camshaft. Does it also change the vtec or vvt point ?

* If the point was moved to higher rpm, do you think if i lower the point the engine will gain more power ?

*What is your suggestion ?

*What is the vvt gap ? i checked my scanner and i found out that it read btw -3 to -6 even at wot .

The manual says : vvt gap ( target variable timing advance - actual variable timing advance ) but im not sure how that would help me with advancing the ignition.



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