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Practical Reflash Tuning

Relevant Module: Worked Examples > EcuTek - FRS / BRZ / Toyota 86 > Step 5: Optimising the Tune

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thanks so much for the demonstration, yet was wondering why the VVT tables weren't optimized as well, just curious to see how much that will affect the HP Curve,

Also, wondering why the torque curve wasn't shown, as again am interested to see the changes that occurred their during the optimization process.

Hi Amer, for the purposes of this worked example we are trying to focus on the fundamentals of fuel and spark. If we also introduced VVT, and particularly with a quad cam engine, then we'd need to add a huge amount more into it around the fundamentals of VVT and how it functions and how to optimise it. instead we have this information separately in our Variable Cam Control Tuning course - https://www.hpacademy.com/dashboard/courses/variable-cam-control-tuning/

In fairness though when you're reflashing a factory ECU there is often not much to be gained from tweaking the cam timing tables from stock, particularly if you're still running factory cams. I spent hours on the dyno with our own development 86 back many years ago and never saw more than 1-2 hp here and there.

The dyno in this particular instance just wasn't setup to display torque. Of course power is just a function of torque x rpm / 5252 (in imperial units), hence if the power curve is increased then this by definition means the torque was also increased.

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