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Hi guys

The courses are great !

I need a little help getting setup with the right hardware.

I wanted to know what equipment I would need to work on the BOSCH MED 17.7.5 C63S P/N A1779003901 ECU?

Also a good data logging software as currently I cannot get MAP over the OBDII port which makes things a little difficult ( Ive been told you have to use the Merc hardware to read this info?)

What would a good website be to join so I could pay for definitions for this ECU?

Hi David, you're really jumping in the deep end if you want to start reflashing late model Bosh ECUs! I've personally had no experience with that ECU but I believe Alientech supports it. I have no idea how complete their definitions are as many tuners use the Alientech products for reading/writing but then use winols to develop their own definitions.

Hi Andre, I couldn't agree more re jumping in the deep end but Ive been pushed this way unfortunately.

I own a 2015 C63s and have had it tuned here in South Africa, Ive had the down pipes and pure turbos Stage 1 fitted to it and a stage 2 tune from a local tuner. Of course when he tuned it he made a lot of promises regards the data he would provide, which in the end he didn't.

The car made good power on the dyno, but I want a little more piece of mind.

My ultimate aim is to be able to data log all the parameters coming from the ECU. When I get more serious with the modifications I would still buy the base tunes from websites but would like the ability to make fine adjustments myself.

Thanks for you advice, ill check out Alientech.

yeah the Bosch ECUs/Mercedes stuff is very... German. Powerful but complicated.

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