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Checking the ignition with the timing light

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Got a problem with locking the ignition at 10 or 15 degrees as I don't have any markings on my engine or pulley.

It's a custom built engine so loads of stuff was modified. I was able to set the TDC on the 1st cylinder and make a marking on the crank pulley and on the engine which indicates 0 degrees.

Would it be fine to lock the ignition at 0 degrees and rev it up to 5000 rpm, while using this as a guide for adjusting the timing in the ECU?

Thank you

Can you fit in your crank pulley a timing disk?If you can then you can mark whatever degrees you want.

I was thinking about purchasing one, but spending 50$ at least for a piece of plastic is just annoying. But I know I need to get one, which one would you recommend?

I am using Jegs Degree Wheel. But you can purchase others for far less money but with no so good resolution because they are smaller. Check eBay.co.uk for degree wheel. Find true top dead center and then proced

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There's nothing wrong with just using a TDC mark and then using 0 deg as your reference while setting base timing. Most engines won't idle too well with zero deg advance though so you may need to use a little throttle to keep the engine running happily. You don't need to be at 5000 rpm to set the timing either. I'd suggest around 2000 should be ample.

You've mentioned in your lessons that the ignition should be checked at a wider range of rpm. While starting with 1500 rpm to stabilize it would be a good idea to rev it up to 5000 rpm and see if the ignition remains the same +- 2 degress. Correct me if wrong.

Thank you

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