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E92 ECU - RPM hangs between gears

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I have a Gen V swapped car with the TR6060 that was originally in the donor car using the stock ECU. I am having an issue where the RPM’s hang in-between gears and the DBW pedal doesn’t respond they way I need it to sometimes. An example would be trying to blip the throttle to put it into gear when downshifting.

I think the reason for this is not having a clutch position sensor. Is there a way to override this and have the pedal do what my foot tells it to do at all times?

Thank you for your time. I can upload a log if needed. Using HP Tuners

There's quite a lot of capability in a Gen V ECU to alter DBW behavior you're interested in, including rev hang. Some of it relates to desired torque, some of it relates to pedal translation.

Without knowing clutch position, I would expect some undesirable behavior. You could start by determining if the ECU views the clutch as depressed or not depressed at all times while there's no sensor/switch fitted.

It would also help if you datalog accelerator position, throttle position, the torque values mentioned in the Gen V tuning worked example, so you start to note under what conditions you want to change behavior, what you'd like the system to do differently. From there you can start making changes.

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