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Hey guys! I am starting to tune my car but its impossible for me to rent a dyno near me. What do i really need to do a road tune for my car. Like devices and stuff like that. On the lessons, its quite vague on how to tune on the road rather than a dyno. On the dyno, we can run through every cell on the fuel and ignition table but as for road tuning, i am still kinda confused. As i am not possibly not gonna steady state the entire ignition or fuel map.

Hi Yuan,

The road tuning course should be able to provide a full start to finish on how to carry out road tuning, along with a worked example at the bottom.

Also shows you driving techniques on how to control the engine using throttle and brake to get into most cells.

Sometimes it might be handy to watch the courses a couple of times and you will find you pick up new things each time. Or was there anything specific on a certain module you're struggling with?


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