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Installing additional knock sensors on ej20

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Hi, I am in the process of setting up my knockbox on my subaru wrx and am unsure of the best location to install my knock sensors that will be connected to my headphones. I planned to have the factory knock sensor providing information to my link g4+ and then have audio sensors to my headphones. The knockbox came with the choice of single or dual channel knock detection so if anyone knows the best way to go about this i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

I have used the extra threaded hole near the stock unit. On the top of the bell housing.

Also results from the manifold also seem to be good.

I agree with Dan. On the EJ blocks I always use the M8 threaded boss above the stock sensor near the bell housing flange. I've normally used a single sensor on these engines and had good results.

Thanks guys very helpful

If i were to mount the knock sensors on the Intake Manifold, would that be on the side near the TGV? cos thats the only threaded hole I can see.

Is it going to be a permanent installation or just for tuning purposes?

If it's just for tuning you can use the inlet manifold with good results but for permanent installations and for the best place during tuning you're best lifting the top mounted cooler and install a knock sensor on the engine itself.

Hi Chris250, yeah just for tuning purposes where I can easily install and remove. Thx for the confirmation. I'll give it a try on the inlet manifold and see hows it sound like.

its me again, I have a pic attached of an ej207. In the pictures i've identified 3 threaded holes where its possible to install knock sensors for temporary use. Can you guys help me identify which would be a good place to bolt the sensor? No. 1, 2 or 3?

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I wouldn't use any of those. There is an M8 threaded hole on the top of the block directly behind the inlet manifold that I typically use. It's behind and above the stock knock sensor location. It does require removal of the TMIC to access though but you'll get a better noise profile than using the locations on the inlet manifold.

I used the threaded hole above the factory knock sensor on top of the block/ bellhousing. On my engine, this threaded hole had a bolt holding a metal bracket which I took off and used another bolt to attach the knock sensor..

Yea Shaun, there is often a bracket bolted to that hole and I just remove it temporarily for the tuning process. It is important to make sure the bracket doesn't end up rattling against the block though or it can make life difficult.

anybody used a second sensor on EJ20 just behind power steering on drivers side for a 2 sensor V2 install?



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