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Link g4+ quick trim from datalog vs closed loop

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So yesterday, after getting the car to idle decent I started trying to figure out how to get valuable datalogs to work from. I came up with getting logs to reference RPM, Throttle position, MAP, and AFR.

By accident, I found by right clicking the cells which were in my logs crosshairs in fuel table there was a "quick trim" function which appears to be a very useful tool to speed up my road tuning.

Reading through forums, someone mentioned using closed loop mode to try and tune the fuel map, but I have no idea how that would work.

Also, should I leave accel enrichment on or off? I figured if I decide to leave it on, I could filter for accel enrichment trim in my logs.

Could someone explain?

Also, yesterday, after discovering quick trim, i immediately got excited to get get some good logs and make updates to the fuel mapping, so I went for a 20 minute drive and got home to start working on the fuel map, but while in the middle of sitting on my living room couch, the software randomly crashed and closed out, and of course, i had yet to hit "save".

Anyway, I'm happy to be making good progress, but i am curious about how to use closed loop to make permanent changes to the open loop fuel table if it can at all speed up the process, although, quick trim seems very effective.

While on this topic, does anyone have an ignition map for a 3sgte with 268 cams? Currently, using the ignition map that the car was running on with the stock cams.

If your road tuning try use quick tune. Press F10 you can use this in auto or manual mode. I turn off accel and decel inrichments.

The help file F1 will explain more, here's a webinar on it.


Thank you for the webinar link! Very helpful. Now, for road tuning its not going to be easy I to land in a cell with the accuracy of Andre in the video on the dyno. He was using 10% cell accuracy and a very fine afr target. I think .02 or closer and 1 sec in a cell.

For getting a rough safe road tune initially, how would you set up the parameters?

Perhaps 25 percent cell accuracy, for 1 second and try to achieve afr within 0.25? Just to get things roughly safe and then fine tune from there? Would there be anything wrong with that?

Would u suggest turning the threshold off below a particular rpm? I have concerns about the afr reading accuracy at rpm below 1500 because of the cams, but from what some people have said the gsc s1 268 cams for 3sgte aren't that big, but I have nothing to compare to. I can get the car to idle acceptably just above 1000rpm when warm.

The quick trim (keyboard short cut M) and mixture map functions are probably the better options to tune from logs. I typically have the fuel table and a time plot set up on the same layout page so you can drag the cursor along the time plot until the crosshairs center in a fuel table cell nicely then hit M and enter the measured lambda value.

There is no way to use CLL to tune the fuel map apart from the "quick tune" function that is mentioned above.

I think I've figured out the main issue I've been fighting... I never set the throttle stop on this new throttle body, so throttle blade has been getting sucked shut by varying amounts of engine vacuum causing inconsistent idle. I'm hoping once I set that open a hair, this gets me moving forward

On road tune i set to 5% accuracy for 1.5 sec so it can be done on flat road. I find by changing the fuel table font size to 24 makes it a lot easier. Anything above 3000rpm i use data logs

I like to use mixture map with a conditional filter in it set to remove any accel enrichment for cruise logs

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