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Hi all. Can anyone tell me why my wideband meter just keep on showing lambda 0.66 during my idle tuning? Adjusting the base fuel map seems to do nothing. Is there any common problems that i missed?

Some models display a value at one end of the range or another as a diagnostic. For example, if the heater circuit in the O2 sensor isn't functioning. Start with the manual for your wideband. Prepare to get another sensor (always good to have a spare on hand to swap out of readings are suspect.

Thanks for the reply David. Update: I play around inside all the parameters in the ecu manager software, and i managed to get lambda 1.0 for idle. It happened to be so when i adjusted the Zero throttle timing. This confused me a lot, as the lambda changed when i alter the Zero throttle timing value, but not with the VE table. No matter how much i increase or decrease the VE number, the lambda remain unaffected to those changes. Can anyone clarify this case? (Info : 1.8L mivec turbo on Haltech PS1000)

Does it have an idle fuel table active? I'd suggest you get rid of it and tune idle on the main fuel table if so. Changing the timing probably made a significant difference to vacuum/airflow which changed effective fuel ratio.

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