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My question is how can you get the best torque on road tuning or dyno??

A tune done on a properly set up dyno will always produce the best torque. Road tuning relies on the "dyno" that is sitting on the seat (meaning the tuner themselves and what they feel) and despite what many people say they just aren't as accurate as modern technology.

As Michael mentions, if you want to properly tune the engine and achieve maximum torque, the dyno is the best place to do this. If however you have no dyno locally then you have few options except to tune on the road.

Perhaps upwards of 75% of engines running on pump gas, and particularly a turbocharged engine, you will find that the engines are knock limited. This means that the amount of ignition timing we can run is limited by the engine beginning to detonate or knock. This will happen on the road or the dyno, so in these cases we can actually achieve very similar results on the road as what we could expect on a dyno.

If you're running on a good quality fuel such as E85 or race gas, this is a different situation and we will most likely not be knock limited - Particularly at low boost levels. In this case we could end up over advanced so the only option is to use conservative ignition timing.

I believe I explain all of this in detail in the course though.

So on a NA turbocharged which will be a knock limited on pump gas , advance till knock and back off 3 4 degrees? Is that how i should tune it on the road

Essentially in your application the technique would be identical on the road or dyno. Find the knock threshold (as the engine will almost certainly be knock limited) and then ensure a safety margin in your ignition advance calibration. The techniques are explained in detail within the course.

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