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Bump steer

Suspension Tuning & Optimization

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After a year of tweaking, finally got down to the following on the offside -

75mm bump - 0.06mm/0.009 degrees out

50mm bump - 0.15mm/0.023 degrees out

25mm bump - 0.14mm/0.021 degrees out

0 - 0

25mm droop - 0.14mm/0.021 degrees out

Bit better than 2.8mm on bump/0.8mm on droop!

Checking nearside tomorrow

Needed a 50mm spacer between the rack and the tie rod, shorter tie rod and two evenings messing around with spacers. Kit car makers really do need to learn that mixing and matching components whilst not having a clue what are doing is a really bad idea!

Definitely worth persevering...might even sort out the restricted droop travel now.

And the near side -

75mm bump - 0.25mm in

50mm bump - 0.25mm in

25mm bump - 0.12mm in

0 - 0

25mm droop - 0.24mm out

That'll do for the moment. Will recheck when the rest of the geometry is sorted out.

And all measured using something welded up out of some scrap tube, some old bolts, a tape measure and a set of feeler gauges. Cost...about £5 worth of filler and argon.

Good work, when you drive it again be sure to give some feedback on how it drives compared to the before settings.

Yes, seems like some "kit car" and "conversion" folks seem to stop their development at 'what fits' and/or 'what's cheap'.

Unfortunately so much has changed on the car since I last drove it that comparisons are difficult. However between this, having steering that turns smoothly and double the chassis stiffness I am expecting quite a radical improvement...not to mention a 50% increase in torque, double the power a gearshift that can select gears consistently and much better brakes with the correct balance!

When I made a similar improvement on my old race car it was a bit like replacing all the bushes. It just felt much easier to accurately place the car. The extra confidence it gave was worth over a quarter of a second a lap on an already race winning car...possibly one of the cheapest quarters of a second I had ever gained!

If you want a really good track driving experience there are very few kit cars that really offer this. You are right, most just concentrate on looking right for the minimum cost.

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