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Evo 6 suspension values.

Suspension Tuning & Optimization

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Hi all I have been doing the suspension coarse and I was wondering if anyone already had the settings for a Mitsubishi evo 6 for the front and rear ratios as well as the estimated centre of gravity. I already have the weights per corner.



If you have the corner weights, your scales should give the ratios - if you mean percentages for the distribution.

If not, it's a simple calculation to work it out, and by plotting the f-r, and l-r points, the plane CoG will be known. If you still have access to the scles, jacking the vehicle up so one end of the vehicle is a known height will allow the true CoG to be closely worked out - there will be a little variation due to liquids moving within tanks and the engine, but this can be corrected by reversing the process and lifting the other end on the scales.

Hi Gord, thanks for the reply I wasn't talking about the weight ratio but the suspension arms with the springs and hub movement. I know I can measure it with the techniques in the video but was wondering if anyone had already done this.

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