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Rallycross, 4 link/watt-link and Anti-Squat. Help.

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I'm in a friends rallycross team, National classes here in Norway. He have normally spent the time just trialing and error to get the car off the line the best possible way, as in this sport, that is 70% of the race :p

I'm just learning about anti squat on 4-link setups.

There is not much info to find directly for rallycross, but loads for drag racing. I would assume very much can be applied to both, getting the car off the start the fastest way possible.

Until now, he has favored suspension settings that allows the car to squat almost until the shocks bottom out, as having the softer rear end, gets him the best traction.

But I think with correct bar relocation (his bars are spreading towards front now, so the crossing line is rear of the car), the car would not squat as much, but instead push the axle to the ground.

We haven't got any calc of center of gravity yet, so I can't give you any numbers there, but the car has 57% weight rear, and 43% front, so CG is quite far back. Calcs will be done if you advice us starting going this route.

I'm afraid the cg is so far back (and up) that a anti squat line is unachievable?

Car is a Fiesta MK6, with BMW S14B23 (2.9L).

The axle (dont know if it matters) is a Volvo 1031 (Dana30?) with full floating axles and 5.85 gearing.

Suspension is Öhlins TTX 4way.

Sellholm 35mm blade anti rollbar.

First consern for me, trying to convince him doing the bar alignment differently. Will it greatly affect the on-track traction too, or will the changes mostly affect the hook on the start line?

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