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Swaybars on a AWD Drag/Roll race car

Suspension Tuning & Optimization

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Car has 1500whp, are the factory style swaybars really actually worth keeping on the car? Or can i ditch them and save some weight.

I hear mixed comments on RWD drag cars that go faster without front swaybar in place, but cant find much on AWD platforms.

ANy help much appreciated

Did the folks who reckoned they were faster without the front (or rear?) ARBs run rear wheel drive, with beam (solid) axles?

If so, it may have been down to more suspension movement at the front allowing a better load balance at the rear, reducing the torque reaction - this should give slightly better traction.

If it was a different configuration, might have been a small weight reduction and balance change, might have been something else.

With a all-wheel drive, or just independent rear, the torque reaction between the chassis and the differential is controlled within the chassis and not through the axle housing and springs, so they 'should' make no difference there.

One thing to note, though, is removing them will allow the vehicle to move around more as body roll is less controlled, if there's any bump/roll steering affect in the geometry, this will make it twitchier at speed.

Bottom line for you is you're going to have to experiment to see what works, or doesn't, for YOU.

Thanks mate appreciate, yeah mines pretty loose most of the time as its no prep stuff, so removing and allowing more roll doesnt sound ideal but worth testing

For the stability, you can get a feel of what the vehicle's doing by simply dropping one drop link on the ERB.

The damper settings, steering/suspension geometry - especially toe in/out - , springs, tyre pressures and construction, and wheel width the tyres are mounted on, will all have handling affects.

I don't have any suggestions, but if it's an AWD, there will be others also looking at their settings, and the friendlier chaps, and chapesses, may be helpful.

Removing it makes sense for weight reduction, as long as you don't have to turn. 1500 WHP GTRs are generally on tires not meant for turning anyway.

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