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afr load value

Understanding AFR

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hi guys, i am running the ktuner platform which is not very well known but i need some help working out what my afr table is using to calculate load. so on the right column i have RPM and the top COLUMN i have values 10-1000 in (mg/stk) im assuming this is milligrams per stroke? if so, how can i calculate this into something easier to track like manifold pressure in kpa or psi ? i have tried changing the settings for units but this table will not change.

any ideas?

photo attached.


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It will take you some time to get used to converting it to engine load. You need to remember that at normal conditions ( 0 degrees C of ambient temperature, 0 humidity, 1 bar of atmospheric pressure) volume of 1L contains 1.168 g of air which is 1168 mg. And that is 100 % load for that particular volume. If you get less air mass in that volume then engine load decreases proportionally. If you get more air mass in that volume then engine load increases proportionally. Now you need to calculate what air mass fills in each cylinder volume of your engine at normal conditions and that would be 100 % load for your engine. Then you log the actual air mass getting inside you engine and calculate actual load proportionally. That is a bit complicated but better than nothing if you won't be able to change the top column...

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