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C16 timing AFR with boost di engine

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hi guys,

i was tuning one of our race trucks its running on c16 its the new gm di engine 5.3 i am running 21 psi of boost and 21deg timing i also have 8 jets of direct methanol also used as fueling since we dont have any other solution for fueling ......

truck made 1100whp on the dyno at 13.3afr if i go down to 12.5 afr it would drop to 980whp with same timing and timing mark looks like it can take 4 deg more ...if i lean it to 13.3 timing mark moves towards the middle of the strap and gains 120whp

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I'm not 100% sure what you're wanting to know here? A big consideration with this setup is that you're using two fuels with vastly different stoich AFRs (14.7:1 and 6.4:1) so the stoich AFR of your overall fuel mixture is going to depend what proportion of the delivered fuel is methanol and C16.