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NOS with automatic transmission

Understanding AFR

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High boost Toyota 2JZ with turbo 400 transmission. What would be the proper way to use Nitrous to spool the turbo, and launch a drag only car? Haltech Nexus ECU, 98mm turbo, methanol fuel.

High RPM stall speed torque converter and one quick shot of nitrous is enough to bring the engine to any RPM that you need. Boost level at that RPM will depend on your fuel and ignition tables settings.

Just to confirm.

You're already using a transmission brake, a 'two step', a bump box, and the torque converter is sized to the engine's rpm and torque output?

What you want is to use the nitrous to rapidly bring the engine onto boost while staging and let the 'two step' hold it while you bump in - possibly because of an oversized turbo'?

I would expect a manual switch, saw on the steering wheel, to give a momentary wet shot should be adequate.

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