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114 Dash Comms question for Andre??

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Hello Andre..

I just watched the dash comms webinar, and have almost the same set up in a evo rally car.. We have the M150 ecu running the JRR firmware, and a C125 dash doing the logging. So my question to you as in the webinar you have the same laptop connected to both the ecu and the dash at the same time, or so it seems if that is the case.. I asked a question on the motec forum about using the same eithernet cable for both the dash and ecu?? Is this possible or do I need to install a network hub in the car?? I am not an electrical engineer, I am a mechanic learning electronics.. Thank You..


There are few solutions, you can install a ethernet hub in your car, or use a ethernet hub outside the car (probably what Andre did), or run two ethernet adapters on your laptop.

While Ethernet is a "bus-style" network, the twisted pair implementation is basically a point-to-point wiring, with hubs and routers in between the segments. So you never splice twisted pairs together, always use a ethernet hub.


Thank you for the response.. I have been thinking about contacting you about possibly picking your brain..


I have one of these that I use in my car (M150, C187) to allow for communications with both the M1 and C187 at the same time. The advantage with this unit is that you can make a power cable for them with a USB 2 (5V output, not USB-C!) plug on one end and power the Switch through a USB port on your laptop, or by using a lighter to USB adapter in the car, doing away with the need to carry a power pack and extension lead with you.

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