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138 | Tuning Drive by Wire Throttle Control

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I just had a chance to watch the webinar on DBW throttle control with the Haltech.

The Haltech has a Throttle Dampening that I found interesting. I am playing with the software for the LINK g4+ and Im curious if that is something that they offer and I might be missing.



Im about to set up an Audi B5 RS4 e-throttle on my motor using Maxx ECU and can't find any data for it.

I'm guessing that to set up this uncharacterised dbw throttle PID, I can use the same method as discussed in the boost control course?



@hellafabrication, I've never used the dampening function in the Haltech as I really want my throttle response to be as fast as possible. There may be situations where the dampening could possibly be useful but I doubt for a performance installation you'd want any dampening and hence the fact that Link don't offer this isn't something I'd see as a negative.

@error404 yes the process of tuning the PID control algorithm for a dbw throttle body is broadly the same as for boost control. It's actually in many ways simpler as you can test the system statically without the engine running, and you can also specify steps to properly test the response of the throttle body. You do however need to understand that the characteirsation of a throttle body is much more critical as it can have serious safety implications if it's not accurate. Have you tried contacting Maxx ECU and asking if they can provide data for your throttle body?

Thanks Andre. I remembered I'd seen your previous webinar on the e-throttle set-up where you demonstrated the PID set-up so I'll dig that out and re-watch.

I've not contacted the guys at Maxx yet, and i'm sure they would help but to be frank I kinda wanted to do it myself so as to learn more!

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