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Hey Andre, watching the webinar I saw that you were having issues with the internal wideband controller. I am currently having an issue with my lambda values being quite erratic and was wondering if this is the same issue you were having. (using a new Bosch 4.9)

Basically I am working on getting the car to start and idle and my lambda values are basically jumping between around 0.90 to 1.30 lambda no matter what I do I can't get it to settle down. I have a fairly stable injector pulsewidth. I've tuned a few of these ECU's and haven't had this particular issue yet.. curious to see if this is the same type of issue you guys were having?



Hi Kyle, the problem we had was that the onboard lambda controller wouldn't work at all. We still don't know what the issue is. We wired it as per ECU M's wiring pin out and used a known good sensor. The wiring was checked perhaps 4-5 times and we went through a bunch of diagnostics with Jakub from ECU M. In the end he added support for the Haltech WB2 which got us up and running. Prior to that we had no lambda input at all so it doesn't sound like the same issue you have.

Ok, thank you for the response Andre. I'm sure i'll get it sorted

The internal wideband acting up is an issue a good few people have mentioned they had experienced as well on the Facebook ECU-M page... Some got theirs sorted, others didn't ...

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