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43- Rotary fuel tuning

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In webinar #62 it was mentioned to set the ignition timing conservatively while tuning the fuel map. On a 13b what is safe timing while doing the fuel map? Thank you

It depends whether you're referring to a turbo or N/A 13b? For N/A I'd start with 15 degrees. For a turbo engine you'd be best to do the same but then retard the timing back to 5 degrees in positive boost. That will be super conservative but enough to get you tuning.

Hi Andre, thanks for the help. The car is a single turbo 1993 Rx7. Currently leading is set to 20 degrees , trailing 10 and a split of 10. Should I change the split to 15 degrees? After that can I steer tuning my fuel map? Thanks again!

20 is fine in vacuum, I lock it down to ~8* with 10* split in boost until I'm done with fuel.

I tend to run a split of 15 degrees in vacuum and 7-10 in boost with some smoothing so that change becomes progressive.

Regarding this question about ignition timing and those numbers you have mentioned above, are we talking about pump 98 fuel (Australia) or e85??

Turbo Rotary is what im talking about.

Hi Adam I think they are talking 98 fuel, although e85 in vacuum will be very similar and generally run the same split with both fuels, the e85 boost map will benefit from more timing than petrol but normally i would only see another 4-5 deg, the first question asked was about keeping it safe to help earn to tune the fuel map safely, so the figures mentioned is just a starting point.

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