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Best Knock Frequency for ej20

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Hey Andre, I am in need of guidance as to what knock frequency has worked well for you on the ej20 engines. I have watched your knock setup webinar and followed your equation of 1800/ (bore x pi) and got an answer close to 6kHz like the 350z in your webinar. You used a 12kHz narrowband frequency in this instance, would you suggest I used the same for the stock knock sensor on the ej20? Thanks for your help.

I would start by testing with the calculated knock frequency of 6 kHz and then check at the second order frequency of 12 kHz. You will often find the signal to noise ratio is better at the second order frequency. Sometimes this will depend on the sensor though as many late model engines use a narrow band sensor that is tuned to work at the second order frequency. Regardless of this, testing will show you which picks up knock better.

Thanks again for your help

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