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MAF, Millisecond, and VE Explained

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I'm getting caught up on webinars in my downtime - great stuff thus far. A quick question concerning the OEM MAF sensor and tube. I'm running the Haltech Pro Harness PnP and utilizing the VE tuning option - I would love to ditch my MAF sensor but I believe that's how the OEM ecu and Haltech ecu gather intake air temp. Is there another way either ecu can determine intake air temps?



Yes, You can wire in Haltech Intake air temp sensor http://store.haltech.com/usastore/accessories/ecu-inputs/temperature/air-temp-sensor-1-8-npt-thread.html and Remove the MAF. Either you can use the onboard Haltech MAP sensor or if you boost above 22 psi then wire in an external MAP sensor. Just remember you will need to use a Haltech MAP load base startup calibration or make your own, using the map as the load source.

Sorry for the late reply. Tommy is right, just wire in an air temp sensor and you can ditch the MAF. The wiring to the MAF sensor includes a sensor ground and an analogue temperature input that you can repurpose for a standalone IAT sensor.

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