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MLVHD Histogram filters

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I was watching the tuning without a dyno webinar. I have been using MLVHD for awhile now and love the power it offers when I am doing remote tuning for clients. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share some common filters you use for transient throttle removal or any others to get the cleaneast look at true AFR. Specifically with Haltech Elite and Adaptronic Modular datasets. I have looked at Andy Whittles writeup but since they are all MS specific it doesn't always translate across for calculating things like Rate of Change etc.



you need to make sure you have them log the channels required for these filters to function.

filter out low gears (1-3) where the engine runs faster than the ecu fueling can keep up with - maybe just filter out everything apart from 4th (or whatever 1:1 is closest to)

filter out part throttle stuff as that isn't running to the potential of the VE on that cell so wont return a "valid" afr for that cell

filter out the transient enriched stuff for the same reasons - no valid afr as you had said.

use their formulas - but redo them to use the field names in the log file you are provided

don't use haltech "throttle position - cable" as the formulas editor thinks your trying to subtract cable from throttle position and has a fit - maybe edit the log first to rename the field to be tps or something before you load it into mlvhd or load it and save it out as a different format to make it easier to work with or filter

Maybe even use excel to filter out stuff if you have csv datafiles?

this is the angle of attack I'll be trying to implement with their filters - but have not taken a proper look at it yet as I'm still sorting out other things first.

you'd lose lots of the log the user would send you - but the bits left should be what your after - in theory....

the downside is those filters mean that it would promote risk to the user when they try and do lots of driving to cover all the unfiltered cells - I mean how fast is a car going to be going at redline in say 4th gear... not really safe or practical on a public road - unless they are on a dragstrip or track anyways.

please take with a grain of salt until someone else says im not an idiot and missed some vital details tho :)

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