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Setting Up Launch Control on a Motec M1

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Launch control is an important consideration if you want to achieve fast and consistent launches at the drag strip or race track. In this webinar we will look at the launch control strategies available in the MoTeC M1 Series ECUs using our Toyota GT86 test car. In particular we will look at the different methods available including simple on/off style launch control and ground speed based launch control.

Watch: Setting Up Launch Control on a Motec M1

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I have a M130 ecu on a Polaris RZR XP turbo engine, I'm trying to get launch control to retard the timing when activated. I have been able to setup and use the launch control at 5800 rpm on it as like a rev limiting function but I'm not getting any timing retard to really get the turbo spooling fast on the starting line. I watched the webinar and noticed where the proportional and integral gains were mentioned. If I'm understanding it correctly then they are needed to activate the timing retard aspect, mine are set at 0 so that should explain why I'm not seeing any timing retard, correct? Or does the timing retard need to be controlled from using the anti-lag function along with the launch control? If I need to use the proportional and integral gains to do it then my biggest question is how to setup those gains correctly? I am not sure what exactly they do and don't want to cause any damage to anything by not understanding this correctly. Could you help me to understand what it is those parameters are controlling exactly and possibly help recommend a good (safe) starting point for me to begin with those parameters to get me going in the right direction? Please excuse my inexperience as I'm just learning this system and engine tuning on this platform and any help would be greatly appreciated.



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