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Water Methanol Injection

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First off, great webinar on water/meth injection. I have had great success using it over many years. The biggest limit on your system is that it has water/meth injected by boost pressure, which is pretty primitive, it works but is not ideal. You sure would not have your fuel injector flow controlled by boost pressure alone. Really needs to be boost pressure v/s RPM controlled. Most of the kits vary pump duty cycle so vary flow/pressure which makes atomisation at low duty cycles poor and can have delays and over runs of water. I have one of those AEM flow meters and they are good but if you are running a wide band on any modern ecu you could have the safety set up to turn off the boost controller or limit RPM if the AFR gets out of bounds that you set to your liking. Holley {They bought out a great company called FJO}make a great injector nozzle {mine is 1000cc,you can get various sizes} and an injector driver that the ecu can control by a PWM output. So you turn your pump on with an AUX output at X amount of RPM and Boost so it is primed up and ready to go and then control how much water you want at various RPM's and boost. Just as example I picked up over 100kw on a highly tuned WRX and over two hundred HP on a supercharged group A VN commodore that was extremely knock limited. It picked up nearly 50whp for each .5 degrees of extra timing. I believe with the water/meth setup to optimum it makes pretty close to the same gains as E85.

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