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I have some questions about the set up on the 86 I am running the same set up and I’m having some issues

Hard to guess what your questions are. Why don't you ask them?

Best responses come from folks that tell you exactly what they have (ECU, tuning software, Engine, sensors, etc), describe how they got there (adapter harness, new build, another tuner worked on it, etc), tell us what issue they are having, and what they've tried.

So I installed the kit and everything but I can’t seem to get the water methanol to engage. What vacuum source did you use? What fitting did you use to make this possible? at what point did you get the car to engage the water methanol because the one time it worked for me was in third gear and I had to start in low rpms and floor it won’t engage in any other gear? I didn’t state much just do to not knowing if someone would respond because I sent an email and it said they couldn’t answer over email so I just put that stating I was hoping to find out more information on there frs/86/brz set up because I’m running the same on my car

You still haven't given much detail around your setup - Are you running the same AEM WMI kit that we demonstrated in the webinar? I talked through in detail how the system is setup within the ECU from about the 20 minute mark. If the system isn't operating then I can only imagine that you've got your start boost level set too high and you're not reaching sufficient boost to actually trigger the system. There's no convenient location to take a MAP signal from on the FA20. I've Teed off the line to the brake booster in our car or alternatively you could use whatever source you're using for the wastegate.

If you want to be a little more specific with your question I can add more detail.

Yup, got agree, you're not actually helping them solve your problem.

Give the full details of the vehicle, the ECU, any variations from the 'normal' install and exact problem if you actually do want help, rather than just moaning about it - that might seem a bit harsh, but, really...

It could be something quite silly, like a bad wiring install, earth, etc - on that, what pump is it, the ECU may not be able to drive it?

Hey sorry been away so I am running a aem methanol injection system with a aem methanol failsafe but I will go rewatch the video for more information and get back to this.

and gord I don’t believe I came off as moaning about anything but if I did I apologize I’m new to the forums and to this methanol system so I wouldn’t know from the start what they would want in something like this I noticed that I was running the same set up as in the video and hoped to get some tips on how they went about it and thought i could email them but they informed me on the forum and I tried here not moaning or being rude about it text can be very Deceiving because you can’t see someone from the other side of the screen but moaning was not my intention so again I apologize if it came off that way

Here is a pull I did with start setting at the very beginning I believe that’s 1psi and ending at 15psi with the 250cc nozzle which seems to me that it’s spraying over that and I’m not sure why I know there not super accurate on the reading after talking to a few people but I’ve even noticed I’m spraying over 500cc on a 250cc nozzle

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