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A webinar on use of dry ice would be nice. With the pro's and cons of using it. Hardware side and software side examples.

Hi Jay, thanks for the suggestion. I'll add it to our list!

Hijack the thread, but is there any chance of a webinar discussing the change from traditional to a VE based (and on a link :))? I keep thinking about making the jump but 1) struggling to see the benefits, unless I install a flex fuel sensor and 2) any nuances when taking a tuned traditional and moving to VE.

Another webinar I'd like to see (please correct me if I have missed it) would be on datalogging and analysis for testing, preferably with Pi Toolbox since it is industry standard in many race series.

Thanks for the idea Chris. I haven't personally used PI Toolbox so this one could be tricky. it seems that in Europe PI Toolbox is the go-to choice while in the Southern Hemisphere and US MoTeC i2 is the common choice.