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Boost control Bosch MED17

WinOLS Mastery: Map Identification & Editing

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Hi Guys,

I am attempting to remap a Suzuki Swift Sport with K14C turbo engine using bosch MED17.9.63 ECU using ECM titanium.

Can someone with sound knowledge on the MED17 please help me answer some questions.

The definition on ECM titanium for this car does not have any boost target or waste gate duty tables. Under the boost section there are only tables for boost limiters.

I want to know the correct way of going about requesting different boost targets for this car.

There are:

1.) Load request tables

2.) Optimal torque tables

I know for a fact the above two work in conjunction with each other via an inverse relationship.

There is also a requested torque under standard conditions and under take off tables.

Is changing the torque request all there is to do here? And then leave the ECU to figure everything else out on how much boost to run?

Hi, asking for relative cylinder fill will increase charge pressure. These ECUs don't have a target charge pressure, they rely on target relative cylinder-fil to calculate the required charge pressure. Log requested calculated load or RL depending on logger translations, this value will be in a % and should be over 100% There are generally a couple of load variables, 0-100% is requested engine load, 0- approximately 180% is calculated load or rl (relative cylinder fill) this is the table that will increase the amount of charge pressure required to achieve the target RL. Then you will need to ensure all the relative load limiters and maximum charge pressure limits are increased relative to the changes you have made

where can i found map packs?

Hi Dimitrios,

We are still fnishing that system set up, but it will be based off this tab here: https://www.hpacademy.com/dashboard/winols/

You can buy credits and we can manually sort you with map packs at the moment. Just email support@hpacadmy.com in the meantime and we can help you directly from there until the request page is goes live.

what device do you guys use to do the logging?

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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