021: Motorsport Wiring is Less Daunting Than You Think [PODCAST]

After a week off for the new year's break, we're back and starting off 2022 strong with an interesting and very informative chat with HPA's wiring and motorsport electronics tutor, Zac Perston. 

Although Zac currently spends most of his time working for a prestigious university here in New Zealand, he's also the brains behind all our motorsport wiring courses, and any time not spent at the university is used up working on fresh HPA lessons and helping out our members in the forums. 

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Unlike many in the industry, Zac received a tertiary education before getting involved in motorsport, and his perspective on education and whether you need a degree to work at a high level is an interesting one. It's perhaps this qualification that also got him the tick when going to work for Rodin Cars, a fascinating high-end hypercar and racecar facility in the South Island of New Zealand. Zac discusses the ups and downs of working in such an intense and demanding environment. 

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Andre and Zac also talk all things motorsport wiring — that means everything from PMUs,  to the dreaded 'MILspec' term that's so often thrown about these days,  and how much knowledge you actually need to start creating your own high-end, super reliable motorsport wiring systems. 

There's a lot here for anyone remotely interested in motorsport wiring here, and Zac, as always, is a fountain of knowledge and interesting insight in the field. 


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    You asked about what the future of communications are in automotive, and CAN-FD was introduced. Other notable standards I've seen and know are supported and used by OEMs are Automotive Ethernet, LIN and Flexray.
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