029: Setting Your Drift Car Up to Dominate With Fredric Aasbø [PODCAST]

This week's High Performance Academy Tuned In podcast guest comes to us all the way from Oslo, Norway.

Fredric Aasbø is the winningest driver in Formula D history, with a bunch of championships under his belt and the chiselled jawline to match. Fredric recently took some time out of his busy winter ice drifting schedule to sit down with Andre and discuss all things drift — the driving, the cars, the setups, the business — all of it.

 The conversation begins with a look back into Fredric's past, from the early days of his grandmother teaching him how to use the E-brake to control a sliding car on ice,  to his experiences in karting and drifting as teenager,  through to the stark realisation that getting into the pro-level motorsport game — let alone to the very top — means making big sacrifices and pouring everything you have into your dream. Fredric confirms that, as we suspected, there are no free rides in motorsport for the vast majority of us.


Andre and Fredric then get into the finer details of drifting at the highest levels, from studying and understanding the judging system, to driving techniques, sponsorship pressures, and even the need to fine-tune your "bullsh*t detector".


Fredric also dives into the heavy-duty technical side of the sport and its vehicles, discussing how these pro drift monsters actually work, and how he was able to dominate with a little four-cylinder in an economy car body... Over and over again.

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There are plenty of interesting tidbits to dig into here when it comes to how Fredric and his team set up his cars for each track with asymmetric alignments, turbo sizes, gear ratios, tyre pressures, and a whole lot more. 

Like to skid cars? This is the episode for you.

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  • Benjamin Wilkins's profile image
    This really made me realize how far drifting has come along as a professional motorsport. It makes me wonder if the rather fast progression of it all is why so many feel compelled to overbuild their grassroots level cars. When I heard "cant really consider competitiveness for less than 100k" I just got blown away...but it really has gotten there. Even grassroots competition where I am has gotten rather leveled up. Hopefully, this motorsport can maintain a certain level of low overhead to start out. Obtainability is what's kept this so near and dear to me, and watching it sort of morph from that is saddening to say the least
    - BMWilkins82 USA
    11 months ago