095: Is Pushing 200 PSI Through an SR20 Even Possible? [PODCAST]

With enough effort and development time, where's the limit on how much power you can extract from an engine? On this episode, Mark Mazurowski of Mazworx is here to talk about his own experiences in doing just that with Nissan’s iconic 90s workhorse, the four-cylinder SR20.

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Mazworx is a well-known name in the industry — particularly if you have an interest in imports, but prior to starting the company two decades ago, owner Mark Mazurowski was about as far from the Japanese performance scene as you could get — being way more interested in classic domestic muscle.


That all changed after enlisting in the US Marines, which eventually saw him posted to Japan, where he was exposed to the JDM sports car scene in what was inarguably its golden era of the mid-nineties. When the time came to leave, Mark was able to ship his personal S13 back to the States just in time to catch the explosion of US import culture. One mechanical engineering degree later, and Mark waded into the deep end by starting his own business. In this episode, Mark talks about how Mazworx quickly became the go-to outfit for all things Nissan SR20, as well as the many business successes and failures he’s seen over the years and the lessons he’s learned along the way.


As we run Mazworx products on our own SR20VE-powered Toyota 86 endurance car, Andre couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pick Mark’s brain and extract plenty of hard-to-come-by SR knowledge. As you can imagine, this means the conversation goes way deep into Nissan’s best-known four-cylinder, and there’s a lot of wisdom to be found.


Mark also discusses his SR20 billet blocks, as well as his own drag car, which runs a 2000hp version of the billet motor and was once the world’s quickest and fastest four-cylinder. Times have moved on since, and the car is now sitting in seventh place… but there are plans afoot to take that record back by pushing boost way up to figures nearing 200psi, which should see somewhere north of an insane 3000hp using a compound turbo setup.

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With some great insight into what makes a tuning shop actually profitable instead of perpetually treading water, as well as an interesting comparison between the SR20 and the new gold standard Honda K20, there’s a lot to chew on in this great episode of Tuned In with Mark Mazurowski of Mazworx.

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