1000HP, 10,000-RPM BMW M3 | RB28 Powered E92 [TECH TOUR]

How do you get 10,000-RPM from a BMW E92 M3? Turns out one way is to fit an GTRs RB26/RB28!

Pumping out a cool 1000HP from a RB28 and BorgWarner 9174 turbo in itself is always an impressive and entertaining package, but Jake Jones aka the DriftSquid (best name ever) has taken it one more step by dropping it all into a BMW E92 chassis just for something a bit different.

Andre runs us through some of the ins and outs of the build including a lot of the pitfalls of RB26 platform and how Jake and the team at Powertune Australia worked to avoid many of them with this RB28 build. Inside the brand new Nissan N1 block resides an off the shelf Tomei stroker kit (crank, rods and pistons) with modified head and Hypertune plenum chamber up up the top.

A MoTeC M150 ECU and C127 dash logger are the brains of the operation with over 40 sensors being monitors and as well as boost control (with the help of a Turbosmart wastegate) and the 12 x Bosch 1000cc injectors feeding the engine E85 being kept under its thumb too. A G-Force Transmissions sequential helps direct power to the Yokohama Advan wheels via a Winters Performance quick change rear end. MCA coilovers are on each corner and a Wisefab BMW drift setup helps keep the DriftSquid pointing in the right direction, which is naturally sideways.

Also discussed is the CNC work on the head, the dry sump oiling system and crank trigger system, the latter two topics being well known gremlins of high revving RB setups.

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