1000HP+ 53PSI COBB Tuned Subaru WRX | Airstrip Attack [TECH TALK]

1000hp and 53psi of boost from a 2.5L 2005 Subaru WRX using a factory ECU and COBB Accessport isn’t something most people would imagine possible, but Erich Uhlman from PRE Racing explains how it is and what some of the pros and cons of the setup are.

Known as 'The Black Widow' this Thunderbolt Racing Fuels 98% ethanol-fed EJ257 runs a Precision Engine and Turbo 7675 Gen II turbo, Brian Crower Stage 3 cams, Manley Performance internals, a PRE Racing pro drag block and a KAPS Transmissions 6 Speed Sequential gearbox to put the power to the ground with a past speed of 197 mph.

Starting with a more humble build the decision was made to use COBB software and hardware, but as the car has the developed so too has the software via continuous updates and support. This enables Eric and the team to live tune about 95% of the required tables and settings on the dyno and also via some data logging features at events like the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack.

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    E85 in our area varies a lot I have got it with 70% and also 87% ethenal. Should I have a consistent percentage or just retune every time I put fuel in it.
    - Montee USA
    8 months ago
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    Hey guys nice setup, with great results. On a different key, was wondering what sort of clearances ( rods, mains and rings) would you run on EJ257 doing a 1000 HP?
    - Full blown performance Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    12 months ago