1000HP Cosworth Powered Nissan | YB Swapped S15 [TECH TOUR]

YB Cosworth engines are legendary in the performance world from the Ford RS Sierra etc and touring car days, but in a Nissan S15 drag car, they're pretty much unheard of.

In this interview, Fred Karam of Team Karam Racing runs us through why the owner of this S15 drag car decided to move away from the Nissan SR20 powerplant and towards a 1000whp YB Cosworth build instead.

At the time of filming the car was running 8-second passes at around 1000whp and 47psi of boost from a 7675 Precision Turbo with the team gunning for consistent 7.7-second at the 1200HP power level in the future. Andre and Fred also discuss some of the head sealing techniques and YB Cosworth block options.

0:00 - Engine Swap
0:22 - Why A YB Cosworth
1:34 - Current Power And Performance
2:17 - YB Build Details
2:16 - Main Studs and Head Studs
4:24 - YB Cosworth Block Options
5:22 - Fire Rings
6:19 - Precision Turbo Setup
6:50 - Exhaust Back Pressure
6:37 - Drivetrain
8:10 - Nitrous
9:12 - Dump Valve
9:50 - Want to Learn More?

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