102: Are Factory Over-Engineered Motors a Thing of the Past? [PODCAST]

If you have any interest in engines, there’s a good chance you’ve already come across this week’s guest — Driving 4 Answers of YouTube fame. With nearly a million subscribers, Driving 4 Answers is one of the biggest technically-focused automotive channels on YouTube. Today we sit down with the one-man-band creator, researcher, host, and editor to talk about his love for engines, how he breaks down complex engineering topics and makes them easy to understand, and, of course, we’ve got to jump into a huge stack of nerdy engine topics.

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Driving 4 Answers has a fascinating story to tell, and his passion for all things combustion engineering is very obvious. Despite his extremely in-depth knowledge and understanding, Driving 4 Answers has zero education in the subject and actually ditched a high-pressure career in the upper echelons of European politics to do what he loves — learning, talking, and educating people about automotive engineering, especially when it comes to building motors.

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On the technical side, we delve right into the weeds in this episode, discussing the complexities of horsepower and torque, the importance of engine balance and rod/stroke ratio, bike carbs, the joys of modern standalone ECUs, over-engineered old Toyotas, and everything in between.

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In this conversation, we also explore Driving 4 Answers’ transformation from regular Bosnian car enthusiast to YouTube personality. If you’re interested in producing your own online videos, this conversation also covers Driving 4 Answers’ experience with content creation, the lessons he’s learnt, and how he deals with the inevitable trolls that surface once you start to gain traction.

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    In any case, it is always very interesting to study such engines, personally I have learned a lot of new things
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