104: Drifting With an 11,000RPM V10 — Not as Good as You’d Think? [PODCAST]

Sideways legend Ryan Tuerck joins us this week to sit down and discuss the many different aspects of his life — from finding competitive setups in an extremely cut-throat Formula D championship, to an in-depth look at some of his most incredible internet-breaking builds, to a frank discussion on the complete metamorphosis of the sport of drifting in the two-plus decades Ryan has been involved, and much more.

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With a career spanning two decades, Ryan Tuerck has more insight than nearly anyone else out there when it comes to top-level drifting, the business of motorsport, and building some of the raddest Japanese cars the world has ever seen.

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Ryan got into the sport after transitioning away from motocross as a teenager, and in this episode, he discusses those very early days and the cars he was building to try and compete on a national stage. This was also the time he began learning about the business side of the sport — Ryan spends some time in this conversation dropping plenty of knowledge and truth bombs about making it in professional motorsport, discussing sponsorships, budgets, results, and more.

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Aside from his success in Formula D, Ryan is probably best known for his insane custom builds, and thankfully, we’re able to spend time running through the best of the best, from his competition GR Corolla to his Ferrari-powered 86, his insane Judd V10-powered GR Supra, and his latest Toyota Stout. Having so much experience in taking on massive projects like these, Ryan has some great advice to give about build planning, setting expectations, and recruiting the right people to get it all done.

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This episode has broad appeal and will suit anyone with any type of interest in motorsport, drifting, project builds, and much more. 

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4:22 How did Ryan get into motorsport?
11:06 When did Ryan start competing?
12:50 Why JDM cars?
14:44 Becoming a pro driver
20:05 What type of car and power levels do you need to get into drifting?
22:59 How do you find sponsors?
28:07 Are the exhibition cars for fun or do they make up some of Ryan’s income?
30:04 How does Ryan find the right people to work on his projects?
32:22 Changes in drifting in the last 21 years
34:30 Rules in Formula Drift to regulate competition
36:11 Technology to improve drift judging
41:57 Starting with a known setup point
46:19 Ryan’s GR Corolla FD build
49:40 Nitrous Anti Lag
54:26 GT4586 project build
59:47 Ferrari 458 engine characteristics
1:04:48 Formula GR Supra
1:09:31 GR Supra Drive Train
1:11:54 Judd engine figures
1:14:21 Drifting the Supra wasn’t the best for the engine
1:17:42 Is the Supra a competitive time attack car?
1:21:38 Toyota Stout build
1:31:56 What’s Ryan’s favourite car in his garage?
1:35:04 Does Ryan still enjoy Formula Drift?

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