1300HP And 41PSI From A Nissan R34 Skyline | The RB26 Powered WARGTR [TECH TOUR]

With 1300HP on tap via 41 PSI of boost and a shot of Nitrous, the R34 WARGTR was one that caught our eye at the 2018 World Time Attack Challenge.

Since this video the car has ran a 8.6 on the ΒΌ with room for more. This R34 GTR is well setup running a 3.2L RB26 care of a Nitto stroker kit, MoTeC electronics package, Hypertune front mount, plenum chamber and a 6-speed Samsonas sequential gearbox. 

The old cable throttle and ITB setup has been retired in favour of a single DBW throttle body. A 7685 Precision Turbo hits full boost at 4500RPM with the help of Siemens Deka injectors and E85 fuel along with the Croydon Racing Developments cylinder head and RB30 block. The car also has a slipper clutch setup via a Magnus clutch slipper unit and the OS Giken clutch takes the punishment reliably.

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