1984 KP61 Rally Project | Ep 10 [OFF THE RECORD]

4AGE Black Top powered KP61 Starlet Rally Build.

While there isn't much Barry Brandon (aka Brandon Barry) can't do underwater, in this weeks Vlog he runs us through where he is at with his dry land built 1984 KP61 Toyota Starlet rally car. With most of the work so far being done to the rear of the car he gives us a quick rundown on the 4-link suspension and Watts linkage he has opted for in order to squeeze 15" rims under the car which also required a lot of cutting and the fitment of wheel tubs to accomplish but all of this did allow for an extension of the wheelbase at the same time.

The power steering setup from a 2010 Toyota is discussed including the interesting point of how Toyota still uses the same spline making it an easy fit and why he as chosen to position his RaceTech RT4100HR seat so far back into the cabin. The position for the Life Racing D5 Dash is already good to go while the car waits for the front end to be finished and a Black Top 20 valve 4AGE to drop under the hood.

At this stage the 4AGE was chosen due to the aftermarket parts support helping keep costs down, the 1.6L capacity keeps the car in a class relative to the level of the build and they're quite simply great engines.

An ECU hasn't been sourced yet and there is a lot of wiring to be done down the line too, but it's all starting to come together for Brandon and he's looking forward to hitting some rally and Hillclimb events around New Zealand.

00:00 - Intro
00:25 - Barry, Brandon, Brandon Barry
00:43 - 1984 KP61 Starlet
02:35 - Shock and Turret Setup
03:10 - Wheelbase Extension
03:30 - 4 Link Underside
04:30 - Watts Linkage
06:20 - Fusion360 Love
07:20 - Adding Strength
08:30 - 4-Link Details
10:00 - No Spare? Confident Man
10:30 - Power Steering Etc
12:00 - Seat Position
13:00 - Pedal Box
13:40 - Life Racing D5 Dash Mount
14:15 - Next Episode

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