1FZ-FE Swapped Toyota 86 | 240HP to 2500HP Boosted86 [TECH TOUR]

A 2JZ swap is a popular choice for the Toyota GT86 chassis, but you won't find one under the hood here.

The turbocharged 2500HP Landcruiser 1FZ-FE powered Boosted86 Racing was the first 6sec Radial Import, and at the time of filming held the record as the worlds fastest with a 6.558 @ 215.82mph pass. At Sydney Jamboree 2020 owner and driver, Nikki Coy, gave us some insight into the build.

Interestingly due to a shortage of inputs, the car runs TWO Link Xtreme ECUs in order to both control and engine and log data from around the car along with a MoTeC C125 dash. The 1FZ-FE runs staged injection via 18 x Siemens 2400cc units and a 98mm Garrett turbo with Elmer Racing collector. Nikki plans to go to the G57 series for more power in the near future. Tuning and chassis setup is handled via Santhuff's Suspension Specialties and AFCO Racing shocks with JW Automotive and 6boost on the tools etc.

The 1FZ runs dry and has been destroked down from 4.5L to 3.9L leaving many of the internals to be custom made along with head work and parts coating done by Performance Wholesale to match. On the surface destroking the engine might seem like an unnecessary complication, however it allows the teams to run in more than just one class as to get more seat time and chances at record-setting passes.

0:00 - A Different Kind Of Engine Swap
0:34 - Why A 1FZ Over 2JZ?
1:22 - Destroked to 3.9L
1:55 - Aftermarket Part Supply
2:23 - Rotating Assembly, Cylinder Heads, Camshafts
3:27 - 6.55 @ 217mph
3:50 - 2500HP Output
4:05 - Turbocharger Upgrade Plans
4:47 - Electronics Package
5:13 - Why TWO ECUs?
5:37 - Injector Setup
6:29 - Shock/Suspension Setup
6:45 - Outro

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    thats a hell of a car .... cngrats to the developers!
    - Stef1 Greece
    15 days ago