1UZFE Dry Sump Decisions, Oil Preheating and Video Data Logging | Today At HPA [UPDATE 234]

S15 Fabrication, dry sump changes, corner weighting and more. This is Andres update that came right before your members-only webinar lesson 234 | How to Choose a Dyno’. Details on membership below.

00:00 1UZFE Dry Sump Selection: As you will know, our 1UZFE is no longer in the world of the living, and if you didn’t know, now you do. Despite this, we are forging forward with plans for a ?UZ based build and one thing we already had in the pipeline for next season was an improved dry sump system. Andre runs through why, what advantages we expect, and where you can fall short if you take things too far in the case of excessive vacuum.

8:11 Andre touches on just one of the reasons why you don’t see Formula 1 cars rolling off the trailer straight onto the track at your local club days. Of course, there are other reasons, but personally, I think this is the straw that broke the camel's back.

10:34 Endurance Racing Vlog: Episode 4, of 3 episodes (not a typo!) is now LIVE! It’s a great watch and a bit of a departure from our usual tone, but not so far that it’s cringe-worthy, just more casual, we promise.

12:55 A VBOX Lite in-car camera and data logging system has been acquired, and we’re excited to put it to the test soon.

16:30 RaceCraft Update: Corner Weighting course is about to start filming to follow up on the Motorsport Wheel Alignment course that is already live, and tutor Matt has also added the first webinar to the Gold Members only section on the RacecraftHQ website. This one covers driving techniques for racing in the wet including which naturally includes how and where to adjust your racing line to as well as brake points etc.

19:33 ETS Fab School Update: The Motorsport Fabrications Fundamentals course is live as you might know, and Nigel is working away on a TIG and MIG welding course for you guys too.
Also behind the scenes, ETS has acquired a Nissan S15 Silvia for future course material. Sadly the S15 was legally written off due to water damage before purchase so by law it can never go back on the road in Australia, however, on the upside this makes it the perfect candidate for a club level track car build.
The list of content for the future includes roll cage design and construction, exhaust manifold fabrication, intercooler, and exhaust plumbing plus suspension mounting and more.

21:30 AiM SOLO2 Data Logger giveaway - Now closed sorry.

WEBINAR INFO: A dyno is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment that a tuning shop will purchase and these days we have a wide range of choices to consider. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the different types of dyno and their pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision and ensure that you’re buying the right product for your business.

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