2000HP+ 5 Speed 2jz | Titan Motorsports X275 Copper Supra [TECH TALK]

Worlds quickest and fastest Supra, Quickest factory transmission, NHRA Pro Street tyre champion, Quickest IRS car, these are some titles that the Titan Motorsports 2000HP+ Copper Supra has held over its impressive career so far.
The car runs a FuelTech FT600 controlled 2jz with in-house camshafts, CP Carrillo pistons, Ferrea Valve Train components, ARP head studs, Hypertune components, an aftermarket billet block and a production cast cylinder head with an 88mm Precision turbo bolted on to make around 2000HP+ at 2800lbs of weight for the X275 drag racing class rules.

Nero Deliwala runs Andre through some of the current specifications of the car including the reasons and advantages behind the usage of a Liberty air shifted 5-speed box over the 2-speed auto most other cars in the class use. Also discussed is the head sealing progression in relation to power output, the flexibility around changes to the car to fit other class rules and also how exciting it has been to run a turbocharged car over the last 15 years and witness first hand the progression in turbo design and technology.

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