2140HP, 78 PSI of BOOST | RB26 World Record TRP [TECH TALK]

Why an RB26 is better than a 2JZ and vice versa is a common discussion between many 6 cylinder fans and while the 2JZ might have the edge when it comes to OEM components on lightly modified street builds, the RB hasn't been pushed or developed as far as the 2jz yet to see how things compare at the other end of the scale…

Since filming the team has run a PB of 6.35 @ 222mph to set a new RB-Powered world record.

Dom from Tony Rigoli Performance runs us through some of the 12,000rpm spinning Nissan 350z build which uses a ‘tickled’ RB26 pushing out 2140HP (Mainline Dyno) at the hubs...for now. The plan is to fit a larger Garrett G57 turbocharger and GFB wastegates to push for 2300-2400HP in the quest to hit the 5’s with this full tube chassis car that runs an EMtron KV16 ECU, M&W CDI system, Rams cylinder head, Plazmaman inlet manifold, a Liberty Gears 5 speed, EZ Motorsports clutch, Spool crankshaft, Supertech valvetrain and in-house TRP pistons, rods and cam grinding.

Also discussed via this Sydney Jamboree interview is the switch from the old Nissan 300zx ¾ tube chassis to their new 350z full tune chassis, the difference between them and some of the advantages a full tube chassis allows the team. The clutch setup is also discussed as being something constantly being reset and adjusted, as well as up to this power level how bearings are the only major part that is checked regularly to ensure reliability.

As the event was rained off we didn't manage to get any in-car, but we'll be back.

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