2280WHP R35 GT-R | How To Gun For 6's While TURBO Limited | Tony Palo [TECH TALK]

Tony Palo of T1 Race Developments gives us a run down on a customer-owned R35 GTR that is working towards a 6-second pass which would make it the fastest Nissan R-35 with stock location turbos. At the time of filming the car had run a painfully close 7.01 pass at 205mph.

This VR38 has a GT1R Race Stage 6 longblock running the factory 3.9L displacement and also the factory cast aluminium block. With a MoTeC M1 series ECU in charge, this engine is fitted with GRP aluminium rods, Manley Pistons, 12 x Injector Dynamics injectors, AMS intake manifold, Sonny Bryant Racing crank Tomei cam, Ferrea valvetrain, ARP625 head studs, and T1 Race CNC cylinder heads. All this and the ETS Turbo Pro 2100 kit which includes 2 x Precision 7675 Gen II turbos pushes the car to 2280WHP on a Mainline hub dyno. 

With the car now being turbo limited nitrous injection is also being used to try and shave those last few milliseconds off, and Tony also indicates what other turbos and power levels would be an option if keeping things in the stock location was not a factor. Also discussed are the limits of the factory block, how the crank is the weakest link and why a dry sump is needed once you go over 1600HP.

An air to water intercooler setup is preferred by Tony and his team for this application, and the pros and cons of air to water vs air to air are mentioned, along with what has been done to the GR6 transmission and how launching becomes much harder as you go up turbo size which also needs an increase in tyre size to match.

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