2500HP RB26 'JUN II' | Worlds Quickest Street Legal R32 GT-R Skyline? [TECH TALK]

Running 80 PSI of boost and in excess of 2500HP Croyden Racing Developments 'JUN II' is one of the quickest GT-R Skylines in the world with a 6.86 1/4 mile pass at 204mph, most impressively with a street-legal chassis and the weight that comes with that!

The heavily modified RB26 powered R32 Skyline runs a Bullet Race Engineering billet block, Turbo 400 automatic transmission mated to a Nissan R32 transfer case to retain AWD, CP Carillo rods and pistons, Nitto Performance Engineering EN40B billet steel stroker kit, Precision XPR 98 turbo at around 80 PSI depending on where power is needed as the cars output and therefore traction is controlled via boost as it heads down the strip.

Electronically the car has a suite of MoTeC gear including their M150 ECU and C187 dash which control and log almost every aspect of the car from injection timing to indicators. With the 300HP odd bump up in power due to the bigger Precision turbo, a Waterman mechanical fuel pump has been fitting to ensure a constant supply of methanol.

Interestingly the team are looking to a future R35 Pro Mod build with where the engine is at including a Jhh Racing head that is good for over 3000HP. As discussed the major obstacle with JUN II from here is the chassis so while there is certainly more to come from the car, the RB26's output is not the bottleneck.

This interview with Con from CRD was filmed at Sydney Jamboree where unfortunately race day was rained off but we're excited to see what the car and bigger turbo setup can do in the future.

00:00 2500HP
00:28 Drivetrain
01:14 Advantages of Auto Over Manual
01:56 Torque Converter
02:29 Torque Transfer
03:32 Why The Billet RB26 Block?
04:34 Internals and Stroke
05:05 Cylinder Head
05:48 Turbo
06:06 Power Vs Chassis Limitations
06:54 Boost Control
07:24 Electronics
07:58 Fuelling - Mechanical Vs Electric Pumps
08:41 Potential
09:19 5-second R35 Pro Mod Plan

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