250HP to 2500HP? Aftermarket Parts Development | Nitto Performance Engineering [TECH TALK]

Tuning high output engines is a skill in itself, but Jim Souvas of Nitto Performance Engineering (and former owner of Croydon Racing Developments) has knowledge that goes much deeper into aftermarket performance parts from the tuning stage.

0:00 - Aftermarket Parts Required
0:42 - How Nitto Started
2:00 - Nitto Stroker Kit Development
5:16 - Crankshaft Development Process
6:35 - How To Produce Rigid Crankshafts
8:48 - Big End Bearing Upgrades
10:13 - Aftermarket Oil Pumps
12:18 - Oil Pump Drive
14:22 - Oil Pump Testing
14:58 - Outro

As power levels have increased from 250HP to 2500HP performance engine internals have had to keep up and thanks to people like Jim Souvas of Nitto Performance Engineering figures could once only be seen on the drag strip can now be reliably run in circuit and more amazingly street applications and at Sydney Jamboree he took the time to explain some of the steps involved in parts evolution.

Zeroing in on the Nissan RB series of engines we discuss why crank flex is an issue, what is done to stop it with the introduction of EN40B material and how bearings reliability is also improved at the same time. Also discussed are oil pump upgrades which are a known weak point on for the RB's and Jim dives into where and how the factory pumps break along with what has been done to fix these flaws with Nitto oil pump replacements.

The progression of development for Nissan RB26 and RB30 engine parts is covered including Nittos involvement in heading over to the RD blocks as well in the quest for more and more power.

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