3 Easy Tools Which Find TDC | Cam Degreeing [FREE LESSON]

Can you find 100% accurate TDC from the OEM timing marks on your performance engine build? Let's find out.

Finding the true 'top dead center' (TDC) of your engine build is another task that is relatively simple to do yourself, but easily devastating to your engine and wallet when skipped or done incorrectly. TDC is the top point your piston will reach on the compression stroke, and if it is out of phase with your camshaft or without it set correctly there is no way to accurately operate or tune an engine as you will not know where in the cycle your ignition timing is. Best case is poor performance, worst case is mechanical failure.

A common trap is to rely on the timing marks used by your OEM which could be OK, or they could be several degrees out which might have been fine for ticking away at unmodified OEM power levels but a death sentence for your performance build.

In this [FREE LESSON] we're going to take a look at 3 different tools you can use to find TDC, 2 with your cylinder heads on and 1 you can do while they are removed. A dial indicator with extension, positive stop via spark plug hole and a deck plate positive stop are the tools of choice here with Andre also running you through how to make your own simple pointer to use with your cam degree wheel, although these are also available for purchase if you prefer.

0:00 - TDC: Critical, and Misunderstood
0:35 - 3 Techniques
1:17 - PRO TIP: Make and Sharpen Your Own Pointer
2:16 - Getting Started: Mount Your Pointer/Indicator
3:36 - TOOL 1: Dial Indicator - Finding TDC and Dwell
8:02 - Take Your TIME, Double-Check
8:17 - TOOL 2: Positive Stop - Commercial Style
8:47 - Positive Stop - Make Your Own
9:04 - Positive Stop - Finding TDC
13:29 - CRITICAL STEP: Remove Your Positive Stop
13:39 - TOOL 3: Deck Plate - Cylinder Heads Removed
18:13 - Now You Can Degree Your Camshaft

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